Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Happy 2014 - Video Blogging on the horizon!

HELLO 2014!  

So, what's on the horizon for The Butter Bath Company® that we think is worth putting a tease out there about?  VIDEO BLOGGING.  

Yeap... I am so slack at "blogging" in the traditional sense (mostly because it just takes so dog-gone long for me to formulate my words into complete & correct "written" sentences) that I figured I should just do what I do best when it comes to communicating.  I should just TALK.  

So, we are currently waiting on some lighting equipment right now (we figure it would be nice if you could actually "see" the video).  We are absolutely excited about bringing you fun, short, informational tidbits on a regular basis!  I promise to be as short as possible (OK, I can hear some of you laughing, but I promise to try to be very brief!).  All you have to worry about is getting past my southern accent.  

So, go ahead and start inviting your friends to follow the BUTTER BATH BLOG, because it is going to be a FUN 2014 around here (it may be "funny", too).  Our first video blog post should be up before the end of January, keep your fingers crossed.  See you soon - or should I say, you'll be seeing "me" soon!  Who knows - maybe The Butter Bath Company will even score a viral video along the way some day... Sweet!

So, here's to awesome skin in 2014!